Stay the Night

McCoy .
Feel I'm trying to swim the North Atlantic Ocean RETTOTOM - jet plane
I'm traveling on a different kind of train SRETTOTOM - watches Enterprise
Heaven saves a place for fallen angels CITY - McCoy arrives, screams on fallen angels
I need someone to take me home again CITY - McCoy in alley with milkman
McCoy to Spock - done .
Stay The Night BABEL - McCoy touches Spock yield to the logic
Baby say you love me BREAD - McCoy pushes Spock into corner of cell
Stay and love me IMMUNITY - McCoy stops Spock from pushing button
Stay The Night PARADISE SYN - McCoy talks to Spock closes eyes
McCoy to Kirk - done .
Stay The Night BALANCE - McCoy stops Kirk
Need you to need me .
Say you need me OBSESSION - McCoy walks into Kirk's room
Stay The Night ULTIMATE - drinks
Kirk - done .
I'm living with a clock for a companion CORBORMITE - clock, spock walks behind chair
Waiting for the telephone to cry IMMUNITY - on uhura for phone then immunity thingie, ends thump
Kirk to Spock - done .
If you stay and love me till the morning ARENA - Kirk asks Spock question that stops him
Maybe we won't ever say goodbye CITY - Kirk comes in with groceries
Stay The Night CHANGELING - kirk holds spock up
Baby say you love me BYANYOTHERNAME - Kirk turns Spock around in cave
Stay and love me ENEMYWITHIN - great looks
Stay The Night .
Kirk to McCoy - done .
Stay The Night PRIVATEWAR - Kirk trying to convince McCoy
Need you to need me BALANCE - McCoy looks at Kirk on bed
Say you need me HOLLOW - Kirk helps McCoy up
Stay The Night DAGGER - kirksmilesmccoynods
Spock .
It takes a while to know just where you're going PLATOS - Spock hands folded
And sometimes you get lost along the way PLATOS - Spock gets up and crushes cup
And since I feel the need inside me growing AMOKTIME - ponfarr
Spock to Kirk - done .
I hope that you won't mind it when I say CHANGELING - Spock asks, Kirk doubletakes
Stay The Night AMOKTIME - Spock stops Kirk from leaving
Baby say PLATOS - Kirk looking at Spock
You love me MENAGERIE2 - Kirk walks up to Spock
Stay and love me CHILDREN - lift Spock helps Kirk recover
Stay The Night AMOKTIME - Kirk walks back to Spock from door
Spock to McCoy - done .
Stay The Night IMMUNITY - Spock McCoy sad
Need you to need me BREAD - McCoy to Spock
Say you need me HOLLOW - Spock's hand on McCoy
Stay The Night Hollow - McCoy checks Kirk who nods
All Three - done .
Stay The Night IMMUNITY - Spock McCoy arrive in Kirk's room
Stay The Night ENEMYWITHIN - Kirk shirtless stretches



OBSESSION - spockprofilekirkconferenceroomkirkleaves

ARENA - emotionalkirkspockinhisroom
CHARLIE - 3dchess

OBSESSION - McCoy walks into Kirk's room

ARENA - greatkmsteasing - fieldsofdestruction
BYANYOTHERNAME - spockputshimselfintotrancesickbay
BYANYOTHERNAME - Kirk turns Spock in cave near McCoy
CHANGELING - KirkSpockMccoy
GALILEO7 - kirkcryingastheysavethemteasingspock
OBSESSION - spocktomccoymccoytokirkinbedspockjoins
PLATOS - spockreactstocryingkirkholdsmccoy

MANTRAP - McCoy on bed

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