PATTERNS - Simon and Garfunkel  - May 3, 2007

Music Intro                             INDICATOR - adultsydfindspuzzle

The night sets softly                   MEACULPA - parachutingin
With the hush of falling leaves,        ..
Casting shivering shadows               ..
On the houses through the trees,        ..
And the light from a street lamp        BOX1 - comingintoshadowedareawithfather
Paints a pattern on my wall,            ..
Like the pieces of a puzzle             ALLTHETIME - fatherwatchesherbuild
Or a child's uneven scrawl.             REPRISAL - teachertalkingtochild

Up a narrow flight of stairs            BROKENHEART - stairs and room
In a narrow little room,                ..
As I lie upon my bed                    PRELUDE - layingbackonbed
In the early evening gloom.             ..
Impaled on my wall                      PAGE47 - rimbaldipixofher
My eyes can dimly                       ..
see                                     FULLDISCLOSURE - herrimbaldirole
The pattern of my life                  FULLDISCLOSURE - burningtesttubs
And the puzzle that is me.              ..

From the moment of my birth             BROKENHEART - motherandbaby
To the instant of my death,             REPRISAL - dead sydney
There are patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath.     AUTHPERSONN2 - watermask
Like a rat in a maze                    PRELUDE - slapssloane
The path before me lies,                SOITBEGINS - SD6map
And the pattern never alters            ..
Until                                   ALLTHETIME - sloaneshootsjack
the rat dies.                           ALLTHETIME - sydneyshootssloane

Music bridge                            NOHARDFEELINGS - pixofsydneyonwall

And the pattern still remains           CROSSING - firingsquad
On the wall where darkness fell,        ..
And it's fitting that it should,        PHASE1 - shootsmantorturingfather
For in darkness I must dwell.           ..
Like the color of my skin,              SPIRIT - bikini
Or the day that I grow old,             FIREBOMB - olddisguiseashes
My life is made of patterns             ALLTHETIME - starsfallingwithmother
That can scarcely be controlled.        ALLTHETIME - dauknocksdownpuzzle

Music ending

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