It Doesn't Matter Anymore - Linda Rondstadt

written by Paul Anka

What follows are paragraphs before each verse explaining the structure I INTENDED to 
build before starting the video.  The episode descriptions following the verse
lines are what I DID build into the video.  Some changes, but much staying as
intended.  The basic structure is:
    Doyle complaining about Bodie
  music bridge shifts the POV to
    Bodie complaining about Doyle
  If BOTH are complaining about the other,
  then their complaints are probably
  unfounded, which leaves the ending to
  gradually bring them back together.
    three scenes of reconcilation
  Since the reconciliation comes in
  Bodie's POV, it needs Bodie finding
  a reason to reconcile, and that's 
  seeing Doyle's burned wrists.

From my memory of the melody, the scene would shift between "you left me here"
 going with the first leaving scene that keeps the camera on Doyle after Bodie
 leaves, and "so I could sit and cry" being just Doyle alone depressed.  Then
 another scene shift for the next two sentences of Doyle still alone and depressed.

There you go and baby here am I              NOSTONE - rabbit - not best, but
                                               I had a white rabbit named Fluffy 
Well you left me here so I could sit and cry FALL GIRL - cowley shows doyle photo of 
                                               bodie with girl
Golly gee what have you done to me           NOSTONE - depressed in car
Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore       

The first sentence of this next verse is Doyle talking to Bodie who won't listen.
 Camera angle should show Bodie on word "baby".    Ideally, the second sentence
 would be them grinning in a hotel room. Third sentence would be Doyle watching
 Bodie but not happy.  Fourth sentence is either Doyle alone sighing or looking sad
 when Bodie walks away or walking away slowly himself.

Do you remember baby last September         INVOLVEMENT - bodie walks in, looks 
                                              doyle up and down
How you held me tight each and every night  PUBLIC INTEREST - walk from window to bed 
                                              taking off guns
Oh baby how you drove me crazy              INVOLVEMENT - bodie walks around doyle
But I guess it doesn't matter anymore       CIVIL SERVANT - doyle foil to bodie

First sentence or first two sentences are Doyle upset and alone.  Needs to be a
 climax motion on the word "sick" from my memory of the emphasis in the song.  Third
 sentence is a dark scene of the two of them happy together.  Fourth is a daytime
 scene of the two of them happy together.

There's no use in me a-crying               HEATCOOLSOFF - doyle in bed
I've done everything                        PICTURE - leaving peep show
now I'm sick of trying                      FIRSTNITE - doyle sleeping in back seat
I've thrown away my nights                  HEATCOOLSOFF - working on motorcycle w bodie
Wasted all my days over you.                PICTURE - tailgate party

First sentence is them walking apart from each other.  Second sentence is Doyle
 looking with some amount of what could be interpreted as longing at Bodie.  Third
 is Doyle with a woman and Bodie without one and Doyle and woman leaving Bodie at
 end of verse.

Now you go your way baby and I'll go mine   WILDJUSTICE - bodie squirts gun at doyle
Now and forever till the end of time        MANWOPAST - doyle chasing bodie at hospital
I'll find somebody new and baby             HUNTER - doyle putting girl in car
We'll say we're through                     MANWOPAST - doyle yells, bodie leaves
And you won't matter anymore.

First half of music bridge is depressed Doyle.  Second half is depressed Bodie.

MUSIC BRIDGE                                HEATCOOLSOFF - two doyle in bed scenes
                                            WILDJUSTICE - bodie leaning on bar door
                                            TAKEAWAY - bodie serious in backseat

First two sentences is Bodie upset.  Third is them together at night.  Fourth is
 finally a scene I know - Bodie missing his pitch when Doyle whistles for him.

There's no use in me a-crying               WILDJUSTICE - doyle intercepted and bodie 
                                              leaving depressed
I've done everything now I'm sick of trying WILDJUSTICE - doyle yelling at bodie's 
I've thrown away my nights                  FEMALEFACTOR - the morning after tuxes
Wasted all my days over you                 BLOODSPORTS - doyle's whistle screws up 
                                              bodie's batting

First sentence is Bodie watching Doyle with girl.  Split on "and" to Bodie with the
 undressed assassin through second sentence.  Bodie with Cowley for you for third
 sentence.  Shifts on "baby" to Doyle in scene where Bodie then walks away from

Now you go your way baby                    HIJACK - doyle hugs girl
and I'll go mine                            SLUSHFUND - undressed assassin with bodie
Now and forever till the end of time        QUINN - guns drawn, caught by unexpected
And I'll find somebody new and baby         PICTURE - cowley arrives; bodie throws stones
We'll say we're through

And you won't matter anymore - maybe start the softening here and have them look
 wistfully at each other                    OJUKA - bodie sees doyle's burned wrists

No you won't matter anymore - have them     WILDJUSTICE - bodie swinging into doyle's face
touching but not smiling 
You won't matter anymore - have them        PICTURE - at peace together in outdoor bar
touching, then end with their grinning

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