High Time
Grateful Dead

You told me goodbye, How was I to know WoK - Spock death scene
You didn't mean goodbye .
You meant please don't let me go .
I was having a high time STTMP - sitting in command chair
Living the good life STTMP - sending ship out
Well I know .
The wheels are muddy WoK - walking through busted Enterprise
Got a ton of hay WofK - Spock's coffin going out
Now listen here baby SfS - it would mean my soul
'Cause I mean what I say .
I'm having a high time SfS - your name is jim
Living the good life .
Well I know .
I was losing time, I had nothing to do VH - Kirk walking on Vulcan
No-one to fight, I came to you VH - Spock on mountain
Wheels broke down, leader won't draw VH - asks Spock to call him Jim
The line is busted, the last one I saw .
Tomorrow comes trouble Generations - Kirk aware on ship
Tomorrow comes pain Generations - Kirk falls
Now don't think too hard, baby Voyage Home - Kirk talks to Spock
'Cause you know what I'm saying .
I could show you a high time Voyage Home - on and off bus
Living the good life Final Frontier - on mountain
Don't be that way Final Frontier - campfire
Nothing's for certain Undiscovered - Kirk's picture of son
It could always go wrong SforS - Kirk kneels by body
Come in when it's raining Undiscovered - Kirk comes into Spock's room
Go on out when it's gone Undiscovered - People applaud them
We could have us a high time Generations - petting dog
Living the good life .
Well I know Generations - giving up girl to follow Picard

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