Lord of the Rings - Fellowship Going South
Written by Leslie Fish (1963); Sung by Julia Ecklar

Music bridge I - Black rider at night
What is courage now? I - Frodo reaches flatboat
Is it just to go until we're done? I - walking; collapsing on mtn top
Men may call us heros when I - fellowship forms
They can say we've won I - walk proudly thru pass
But if we should fail, how then? I - Gandalf remembers being caught on tower
What is courage now? I - Gandalf looks up at mountain
Mountains to our side. I - mountainview
Standing like a wall against the sky. I - Legolas walks to look out
Show no path to let us through I - avalanche
But still we search and try I - Gandalph cu in snow
Silver snow and stone cold blue. .
Mountains to our side. I - mountain view
River from the pines; I - sailing on river
We can hear your echo far away I - waterfall
To your banks our step must lead I - Boromir brings boat to shore
Help us on our way .
We who know you learned your speed I - Boromir dead in boat
River from the pines. I - Going over waterfall
Star above the world. I - Galadriel gives light to Frodo
Seeing down the ways that we must go I - kisses his forehead
Throw down light to guide a friend III - Galadriel appears to fallen Frodo
Or how else can we know .
If there's help where pathways end? III - image helps him to feet
Star above the world. I - Galadriel raises her hand in farewell on river bank
Music bridge III - Legalos and Aragorn on balcony
Aragorn receiving sword
Pippin using sword
Merry charging into battle, fighting
What is courage now? III - Gandalph comforts Pippin
In the hope we know that holds us fast, .
Bear us to that final door III - Pippin finds Merry on battlefield
And win us free at last .
Or we touch this world no more .
What is courage now? .x

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