Enterprise Burn Filk
Larry Warner?

Music bridge SfS - explosion of ship/font>
The sky is tainted scarlet SfS - burns across sky
As a burning streak is etched .
And onward down it lights the night in glory .
The last remains fade slowly into nothing more than dust SfS - crew to Kirk
And space now fills the ship that was my story Sfs - Kirk & McCoy
Bound away to heavens once Balance - Kirk looking at viewfinder of stars
Through the sparkling sky of cold Immunity - Starry, starry night
She kept my youth suspended wild and bold Amok Time - kirk jumps alien
But see she glides no more Corbormite - ship glide
Through a now dead endless void SfS - burning ship falls to bottom right
And I'll be damned, once more I'm feeling SfS - Kirk with others on shaking planet
Old SfS - admiral inspects crew; Kirk walks to window from McCoy
Comrades at my side a fire burns dimly SfS - Kirk with others, Sulu points
Far below SfS - fire
And a chance SfS - Kirk goes toward fire
My friend once dead WoK - Kirk looks at dead Spock
May live again SfS - Saavik brushes hair from Spock's ear
My feelings change direction, SfS - Kirk arrives at Saavik and Spock
My own ambitions lost SfS - Kirk turns Spock over
My conscience knows the fight I choose SfS - admiral arrives at Enterprise
To win SfS - blowing up ship
My lady now has left me SfS - burning ship against sky
Yet I wonder at the cost SfS - Kirk watching with McCoy, what have I done
The years that I spent chained within her soul Naked Times - Kirk looks at ship that is his mistress
Twas but all a grand illusion, spinning hollow happiness STTMP - Kirk confronts ex-capt
And friendship now has made my life a whole SfS - Kirk beaming Spock up to Klingon ship
Yes, friendship now has made my life a whole. SfS - your name is Jim

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