Forever Knight
Dust in the Wind 3 - Half Done

Theme: LaCroix frustrating Nick's desire for mortality

  • Once you see the theme, then consider all you've thought about as now only possibilities, not guaranteed matches. Reevaluate for which are the strongest scenes to use.
  • Only when you have a theme, do you start matching scenes to words for real.
  • With your theme, look for structure.

    Is there POV? Whose is it? Do the words of one verse go well with one character, but the words of another verse go better with a different one? Can you change POV, and how do you do it in the simplest way that won't confuse your audience? Hit them on the head at the change of POV place so that it's not subtle at all. That is, try for scenes where the character is alone when the personal pronoun is sung.

    Is there a natural time sequence? Do the words talk about the present and the past? Pros is hard to do for this because the time sequence isn't well established by episode. You've got a few past scenes to work with, but they're not likely to fit the words of your song - Bodie remembering working with the soldier of fortune; Doyle as a young cop; Doyle's fantasies when shot. Is there any natural way to do the song in the chronological order of the series? This is a waste unless you're really bored with what you're doing.

    Can you keep to a single episode for a single verse or chorus? This increases the continuity of the viewer for the meaning of the words.

  • If you've got multiple verses and the same chorus, look for the strongest scenes to use for the chorus. If you have choices, remember to use your very strongest at the end. Next strongest, if there's no time factor to your theme, is the first chorus. Weakest scenes go in the middle.

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Theme: LaCroix frustrating Nick's desire for mortality

Music opening LaCroix talking while Nick drives - sets theme
I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone Curiouser - LaCroix leaves him holding his hand;
Nick looks at LaCroix's body
All my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity Curiouser - LaCroix talking from chessboard, flashes
Dust in the wind BabyBaby - LaCroix's face slides over Nick's in car
All they are is dust in the wind. Sister Fleur may work if cut right, balance with use later
or multiple victims of Nick ending with regret
Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea It's blood for the water
All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see he refuses to see what LaCroix says when LaCroix is right
he's right about blood money, but that's not wrong enough
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind Killer Instinct - LaCroix holds up dust and lets fall
Music bridge All his searches for cure - green cup smashed, book burned,
doctor's experiment; Natalie's experiments; Baby Baby;
Don't hang on, LAST ACT - where girl suggests suicide
nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky LAST ACT - holding her ring near pile of her clothes
It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy. Be My Valentine - Nick has to wipe Nat's memory to save her
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind Be My Valentine - holding her after LaCroix's gone
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind Intercut with Fleur
Music ending - slice off end End with LaCroix crushing rose
1966 - lacroixburnsbooknickgrabsgrenade
BADBLOOD - janetteremindsnickhecouldhavekilledjacktheripperwhenlacroixinjured
BADBLOOD - nicktellsnataliehesawvictimanddidntkillhim
BEMYVALENTINE - nickhastogiveupnatalie
DYINGOFFAME - lockedinjaillacroixhaskeytouchescheek
DYINGOFFAME - nickdrinksafterpullingcorkwithteeth
FATALMISTAKE - nickkissinggirlonfloorwakesupwithbloodonforehead
FEEDINGTHEBEAST - ravendrunknicktalkstojanette
ILOVEYOUTODEATH  - lacroixtellshimheholdsgirljanetteturnssitssofanickflashesonlacroixwhoiskillingbelowwindow
ILOVEYOUTODEATH - nickistrickedbylacroixintobelievingillofballerinawakesonpinksheets
IWILLREPAY - standsatgravesofattackersflashback
IWILLREPAY - brotherattacksnickkills
KILLERINSTINCT - nickattackslacroixwithcrossburninghands
KILLERINSTINCT - startofnicklacroixfight  (captured just after lacroix sprinkles dust; redo)
LASTACT - shecomestotempthimwiththoughtsofsuicide
LOOKSCOULDKILL - nickstopswomanschankeshootswomanwhogrowsoldnickholdsother
ONLYTHELONELY - abortedkissturnstohug
PARTNERS - janetteleavesnicklacroixtalkswhilenicksitsathome
PARTNERS - lacroixtouchesnicktocomforthim
PILOT2 - wontbiteherlacroixlicksneckbitesnickburnslacroix
QUEENOFHARPS - nickandgirlwithharpsheskilled
STRANGERTHANFICTION - nicksaveswritermakesherforgethesavampire
THEFIX - lacroixfindshimonfloor

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