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Everyone needs heroes. This is mine. As simple as that.

Thank you former President George W. Bush
    and former First Lady Laura Bush
  -  HillBuzz
A Theory of W  -  James Lewis

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Palin to speak at major GOP event  -  Peter Hamby
Palin: It's War, not a Crime Spree  -  Michael Goldfarb
Sarah Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention
    -  Michael Goldfarb
Sarah Palin, weapon of mass distraction  -  Kyle Smith
Sarah Palin and the Bard  -  Joseph Hatch
Palinophobes Hate First, Ask Questions Later  -
    Jonah Goldberg
Palin-Hating 101  -  S. E. Cupp
Sarah Palin's 'Going Rogue': A powerful testament to a
    good woman's endurance in a mean world of politics  -
    Andrew Malcolm & Johanna Neuman

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The Great Dictator  -  Daniel Greenfield
Interpol Immunity  -  Andrew C. McCarthy
The Obama Tragedy in the Terror War  -  Jamie Glazov
Lehman: Clueless Obama  -  Robert Costa
Obama's Fiscal Fantasy World  -  Karl Rove
Obama's Obvious Disdain  -  Paul A. Rahe
Emperor Obama and the Mob  -  Jonathan F. Keiler
Did Obama Politicize the Terror Database?  -  James Lewis
The Legend Of Bagger Obama  -  Monty Pelerin
Clueless  -  Linda Chavez
Things to watch for during a
    'Declared National Emergency'  -
    Marion Valentine

Andersen Book Blows Ayers' Cover on 'Dreams'
  -  Jack Cashill

Obama's Speeches - Mentions Self Nearly 1,200 Times!
The Manchurian Candidate  -  David Horowitz
Obama and the Cult of Personality  -
    Steven M. Cohen
Trials and the Celebrity-in-Chief  -  William Murchison
Barack Obama and the CIA: why does
    President Pantywaist hate America so badly?  -
    Gerald Warner
Phone Campaign on 9/11 Against
    'Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists'  -  Tim Graham
Dr. Obama and the Hypocrite's Oath  -  Monte Kuligowski
Breakthrough on the Authorship of
    Obama's 'Dreams'  -  Jack Cashill
Obama's Father Figure: Frank Marshall Davis  -
    Joy Tiz

Lots of Articles
dc crowd sep 12 2009


Tea Party Patriots

TV's Tea Party Travesty  -    Rich Noyes
Democrats and Liberal Media Smear Tea Parties
    -  Lynn Woolley
'Populism of the Privileged'  -    James Taranto
There Bill Clinton goes again  -    Tony Blankley
Tea Parties & The Inconvenience of Truth  -    Ross Mackenzie
Tea parties fight Obama's culture of dependence
    -  Michael Barone
'You're Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! Tea Party Bigots Go Away!'
    -  Peter Wilson
Establishment Terrified by Tea Party Movement  -    Matt Towery
Alinsky's Avenging Angels: Tea Party Saboteurs
    -  Michelle Malkin
Networks snub, malign 'tea party'  -    Joseph Curl
How the Media Have Dismissed and Disparaged
  the Tea Party Movement  -  Rich Noyes
Crash course: Your illustrated guide to the Tea Party saboteurs
    -  Michelle Malkin
Black conservatives in tea party movement oppose taxes,
  policies of 1st black president  -  Valerie Bauman
Sarah Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention
    -  Michael Goldfarb
March on Washington: How Big Was the Crowd?  -
    Charlie Martin
Up to two million march to US Capitol  -  Mail Foreign Service
Tea Party Express roars to D.C.  -  Donald Lambro
Town Hall, Tea Party protests have long history
  in America  -  Glenn Harlan Reynolds
I Saw Astroturf Grow  -  Frank Turek

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Mark Steyn Jonah Goldberg Charles Krauthammer
Tony Blankley Michelle Malkin Cal Thomas
Dick Morris Dick Morris - 2 Victor David Hansen
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Going Rogue Sarah Palin
Courting Disaster:How the CIA
  has Kept America Safe and
  How Barack Obama is Inviting
  the Next Attack
Marc Thiessen
Muslim Mafia Paul David Gaubatz &
    Paul Sperry
Arguing with Idiots Glenn Beck
How the Obama Administration    
Threatens to Undermine
  Our Elections
John Fund
Stealing Elections John Fund
Muslim Mafia Dave Gaubatz &
    Paul Sperry
A Slobbering Love Affair Bernie Goldberg
  Liberal 'Victims' and Their    
  Assault on America
Ann Coulter
Barack Obama's Plan to
  Socialize America &
  Destroy Capitalism
R. Lee Prescott
Catastrophe Dick Morris &
    Eileen Mcgann
Fleeced Dick Morris &
    Eileen Mcgann
Culture of Corruption Michelle Malkin
Glenn Beck's
  Common Sense
Glenn Beck
Liberty and Tyranny Mark R. Levin
Liberal Fascism Jonah Goldberg
The Obama Nation Jerome R. Corsi
Drill Here, Drill Now,
  Pay Less
Newt Gingrich &
    Vince Haley
Surrender Is Not
  an Option
John Bolton
In the President's
  Secret Service
Ronald Kessler
Liberal 'Victims' and Their
  Assault on America
Ann Coulter
America Alone Mark Steyn
Unlimited Access Gary Aldrich
Power to the People Laura Ingraham
Culture Warrior Bill O'Reilly
Sean Hannity


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Glenn Beck
Brit Hume
Sean Hannity
Howie Carr
Bill O'Reilly
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Republican National Committee
College Republicans

The makings of another GOP upset
    in Massachusetts  -  David S. Broder
Dick Morris Predicts GOP Landslide  -  John Gizzi
Large Republican gains in House seats are 'inevitable'
    come November: Rothenberg  -  Andrew Malcolm
GOP vs. Obama: Have Republicans won
    on national security?  -  Byron York
Why Republicans Are Winning on the Tax Issue  -  Karl Rove
Chance for 41 votes and a spine  -  Wesley Pruden
The GOP's Grand New Money  -  Fred Barnes
Palin, Jindal balk at Gingrich's 'Party of Yes'
    idea for GOP  -  Aaron Blake
Bachmann, Palin and GOP enthusiasm  -  Matthew Continetti
Republicans Need a Plan B  -  Cal Thomas
We'll take back the House  -  Mike Allen & Jim Vandehei
Back to GOP Basics  -  Brendan Miniter
Will 2010 be the Perfect Storm?  -  Bruce Walker
5 Things That Republicans In D.C.
    Need To Understand  -  John Hawkins

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Clint Eastwood
Tom Selleck
Matt Drudge
Ayn Rand
Kurt Russell



Falling Trust In Govt Threatens Dems  -  Reid Wilson
What Democrats Mean By 'Civility'  -  John Hinderaker
Not 'far-fetched' to say Dems
    could lose 80 or 90 house seats  -  Mark Hemingway
How Bad Could 2010 Really Get For Democrats?  -  Sean Trende
Dems Too Scared to Pass a Budget
    During Election Year  -  Philip Klein
Democrats Manipulate the CBO  -  David Limbaugh
Dem-Packed NLRB May Rush Through
    Pro-Union Rulings  -  Sean Higgins
The Democrats' Tylenol Moment  -  Gary Andres
Dems dread Supreme Court fight after elections  -  Byron York
Dumb Dems to be Drummed Out  -  Richard Baehr
Election Theft Underway in Wisconsin  -  Thomas Lifson
Silver: Dems likely to lose seven Senate seats,
    gain none  -  Michael Barone
Dead Man Talking: Are the Democrats Already
    Cleaning House? And Who Are the Real
    Racists?  -  Frank Ross
Understanding the Democrats' Scheme  -  John F. Gaski
The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Democrats  -
    Lauri B. Regan
Letting crooks & illegals vote  -  WT Editorial
What the Dems Know:
    Universal Voter Registration  -  James Simpson
Democrats try to pack the courts  -  WT Editorial

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