Richard C. Monnier

Sep 4, 1961

9/4/61 10:00 AM
My Dearest,

We arrived in Tucson last night (or rather, this morning) about 12:45 AM. I'm very sorry that I didn't write yesterday but I was nearly unable to do anything. On Sunday we went into the Grand Canyon, a 10.8 mile walk in with a 4500 ft. descent, and then we walked out, reaching the top at about 5:00 PM. I was so tired that whenever I would sit I would fall asleep.

On MOnday we started driving toward Tucson by way of Flagstaff. We were both very tired and I'm some what surprised that we made it at all.

At the moment we are listening to my cousin C.J. playing the organ. He's playing Ave Maria, and it's beautiful just as it is to think of your name any time.

This is the first time since we started that I've really had a chance to sit down and write. I miss you very much - more than even I thought I would - I seem to be always thinking about you, and for the last four nights I've dreamt about you.

While we were at the Painted Forest, I came up with an idea (as humble as it may be). The dining room might look out over an open porch with light geometrical furniture and petrified wood ornamentation.

I thought that I'd send you a sample to give you a chance to get a few ideas on the subject.

I hope to receive a letter from you today - there's nothing I could want more except to have you here. You'll never know how much I love you; or may be you do. Reading your letters is about the greatest joy I've had on this trip. I love you so dearly; I want more than anything else to spend my life with you. You are (to use your words) a part of my everday life and without you here there doesn't seem to be something wrong, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG.

You've changed my life and I'm glad to have it changed; you've made my life worth while. Please forgive me for not being able to say just what I mean, but believe me that I mean ag reat deal with what little I say.

To me you're the most beautiful and valuable thing that exists. A year ago I would have never believed that I could feel this way. I love having your picture with me, I love thinking about you, I love the way you do things, and I love you - very much so.

I can't think what to say. I keep hearing just three words - I love her. So let me say what I think - I love you - very much - more than any thing else.

I just received a stack of letters - three from mother and five from you. You don't know how happy just having them makes me. I'll read them and write again tonight.

All My Love,

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