Richard C. Monnier

Sep 2, 1961

9/2/61 1 AM - 6:15 AM MST
My Dearest Darling Mary,

I love you and miss you. Last night I dreamt about you - you see, you are in my thoughts both night and day. The dream was ended by the clanging of an alarm. I could have killed it, it it were only alive.

We are in Holbrook, Ariz. about 30 miles from the crater. Last night we visited the Petrified Forest National Monument where I got the enclosed. It is composed of two monoclinic crystals crossing at right angles forming a Greek cross.

When I saw it, you were the first thing I thought of (you were most likely in my thoughts all the time and my mind just integrated the stone into them).

One of the greatest worries I have (and you will forgive me for it, please) is that while I'm gone you will fall out of love with me as easily as you fell in. I love you more than even I can believe and so I worry; I do have perfect faith in you and I do most certainly believe that you will love me when I return, or else I never would have left. But loving you so much I can't help but owrry; and I worry most ab9out the things that would hurt most.

You're having said something like the first sentence of the above paragraph is what prompted me to say this at all. I just wanted to show you that we have common feelings.

You'll never know how much your letters mean to me, I'd rather have them than anything.

And by the way my little wife, you will make the best of parents. I can't imagine you as being otherwise. As for myself, I can only say that I'll do my best which, although it may never be good enough, is all I can do.

I love you so and you seem so far away from me, but I see what you mean about writing making some one feel closer to you. I look forward to receive your letter at Leo's and again in Mississippi. These are the two main division of the trip that I look forward to. Your letters are beautiful; you write as if inspired. I'm almost ashamed to send mine; I hope you'll forgive me.

Please forgive both the handwriting, the spelling and the diction. I'll write again ths evening from the Crand Canyon.

I love you so and want so much to be with you; but all I can do now is assure you of my deepest -


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