Richard C. Monnier

Sep 13, 1961

My Dearest,

I love you very deeply and soon I'll be home and with you again.

We are staying at a different place now - we left the Trade Winds. Here I have a double bed to sleep in and, of course, two pillows. It's the first time I remember sleeping with two pillows and I couldn't help but think of you.

This letter is being written on top of a Bible, it's more comfortable than sitting at the desk. It's rather late, about 12:30 AM Wed., and last night Albert and I talked some about you. I'll wait until I return to tell you most of what we said, but he does love you because we love each other and moreover he knows exactly how I feel. It's very nice to have some one understand you. Now I have to get you to meet each other; you've seen each other's picture.

Ah! little love, I think that I've fallen in love with you. It's likely only your big blue eyes, but that's OK. I miss you more than ever and talking to Albert about you made me miss you even more. Albert is a wonderful fellow, and you're the most wonderful person alive. I can easily see why I want to spend a life time with you. Your blue eyes again. It seems like a thousand years since I saw them last, and I'll never be content until I'm seeing them again. You don't know how happy you make me and how beautiful life is with you loving me.

I wish more than ever that you were with me and that we could have done all this together now, but, sadly, it'll have to come later.

Take good care of yourself, for I have an interest in you like I have in no one else.

I love you dearest, heart and sole, head to toe, night and day, eternally.

All My Love,

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