All the world loves a lover.

No. Not really. Is there anything more uncomfortable than being in a room with a couple engaged in public snuggling?

uh oh.

Lovers on screen at the movies are one thing. But going to the movies can be made miserable by a clenching couple sitting in front of you.

For one thing, kisses sound terrible. Like drainage. In the movies, they play a sound track. When weíre involved in our own love scene, we donít notice. But when other people are engaged we hear all their slurping. Amazing how other peopleís smooching can make something so nice sound so digestive.

Much as I love Romantic Love, it is NOT a spectator sport.

(Unless, of course, you're in the mood for porn. But most people who canoodle in public are the kind of people you don't like seeing with their clothes on - much less off.)

Most of the time groping is only fun for the groper and gropee.

Do couples who are ardent in public want us to think theyíre so wildly in love they can't keep their hands off each other or wait to be alone?

I don't buy it. I subscribe to my mother's theory of public affection. She always said couples who are publicly passionate turn off the heat the minute the door closes behind them. All that heavy breathing and caressing - and the second they get home, they turn in opposite directions. He picks up the TV remote. She goes to get a snack. They don't touch again until they go out again - and try to impress us with their ardor.

They don't.

Romantic love involves two people. Only two people. The rest is show business.

*Love is for two. But love triangles? Where the problem is getting the right two together? Fact is, I love triangles. Turn them on one end, and they keep spinning out new stories.

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