Love is not love which alteration finds.

Huh? Love's a tailor? Well, exactly, and what dear Will is saying is that we shouldn't try to alter that which we find in a loved one. Ha. That's all we ever do. But would it work if we could?

Imagine Jane. Five years after she met Mr. Rochester at the altar.

"All you do is mope, my dear. Edwin, cheer up! It's too too gloomy the way you keep brooding. What could be nicer? You have a lovely son and daughter. I know you can't see them too well with only one eye, but trust me, they're grand. And so what if we have to live in the dust and noise of all this construction? A fire is a fire and Thornewood wasn't built in a day. And even the architect finally agreed my idea of having new kitchens, and plumbing, and that new conservatory, was splendid. Have you seen the tile samples yet? Will you please do so, we would so like to get started on the bath chamber.

"Perhaps you do find me a bit too... prim in marital matters? But you liked that about me, remember? Especially after that absolute horror you wed. Talk about unbridled passion! And see where that got you? Or rather, perhaps you could see if you still had that other eye. And whose fault was that? Where was your common sense, my dear? I know you were young, but really.

"Why are you always avoiding me? Perhaps I could become warmer at marital matters if we spoke more - or at least, if you did. You are an absolute clam. Perhaps I do 'gabble' a bit much, as you say. But I had such a lonely life until we met and...."

Still, try to imagine a jolly Mr. Rochester. Ho-hoing all through the halls of Thornewood. Dancing jigs, making puns, leaving whoopee cushions on the dining room chairs, pinching the maidservants' cheeks and telling warm stories to the vicar.

Oh please. Even Jane would leave him in a day. We like most what we can change least.

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