Georgie in Azaleas

"She walks in beauty ....  But Beauty is as Beauty does - as illustrated by the faithful Titania, my Georgie's literary self, as "The Hound of Heaven" in A REGENCY CHIRSTMAS (Signet 1998)

"...He bowed, “James Bright's the name, my lord.  But now, as for you?  Has your Titania changed your life for the better too?”

Thadeus paused.  The one thing he wanted most, the dog couldn't give him.  But, in truth, she'd given him much.  “I expect she has,” he said slowly.  “Companionship, laughter, and unswerving loyalty, I suppose a man can't ask for more from his pet.”

“And love, don't forget love,” the young man said, “For it's no little thing to know there's one soul in the world thinks the world of you, one who will never let you down, no matter what.  It makes a man feel good about himself.  There's nothing a fellow can't do, or won't do, with that kind of devotion to see him through.  Even if it's only a dog's love, love's powerful stuff, to be sure.”

“...To be sure,” Thadeus echoed..."

To be sure.  A Hound of Heaven can be found right here on earth.  There are many of them and they come in all sizes, colors and shapes.  As for me, I never met a dog I didn't like!