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Contest 2 Winners
Describe That Cad!

I want to thank everyone who entered my previous CAD Contests and urge them, whether they won, lost or drew ... to try my Third CAD Contest.

Here are the 3 Winners of the Second CAD contest!!! I'm impressed by them, and think you will be too.

All of the entries are well thought out, well written, and two are just what I was thinking about - The Hero who acted as a CAD who got his retribution from the Heroine... was in the book THE ABANDONED BRIDE!

And the Third winner? It surprised me, as I hoped someone might do. Because while it wasn't the example I meant, it was a very fine example indeed - of our Hero acting Caddishly in THE FIREFLOWER and being paid back for it in kind.

Let's have a rousing round of deserved applause for these clever readers and neat writers!

Just to remind you what the contest wanted, the question I asked you to answer was:

  • In which book of mine did the hero once act like a CAD - and then was eventually paid back by the Heroine for it?

    And now: ................................drumroll:

    The winners!

    Laurie E. Osborne

    Great scene. The Abandoned Bride, our hero Nicholas Daventry was a cad when he struck our heroine Julia Hastings, so much of a cad and so self-recriminatory that their ultimate union was in danger--"you said that you would never forgive that blow, and now I see it has indeed come back to haunt us" (218). In order to secure her happiness, she decides that she must give him a comparable "blow" not to forget--so she pushes him into brink, ruining "Monsieur May's Exquisite Jacket"--which assuredly deserved ruination!

    Liz Montgomery

    I thought about Julian and Susannah, but I'm going with Gideon and Mary from The Fire Flower. Let me go dig that book out................

    Ah yes here it is Tristam Unfulfilled, I could make a full argument, but it is late, and speed is required, and I do have to work tomorrow...... Let's see, Gideon picks poor broke Mary up, has great sex and better conversation so decided to install her as his favorite pasttime - roundly ignores her while he goes on to live his life, and what's this! Is getting married. Well. He deserves a big spanking. (this being my favorite and all, I was like, well, of Course This Must Be The One. It's a good thing you didn't ask where a CAD tries to kill his nevv'ys - it'd be a hard choice then, let me tell you.)

    Oh yes, so he's marrying Celeste for the house, and poor Mary hasn't the sense to toss him away and snatch Tristam up like a shiny new penny (fickle organs, pesky things). Ah yes, Gideon comes wandering back and Mary has decided to marry Jamie. A nickel at least.

    Hm. Perhaps this isn't the one you had in mind, since she doesn't leave with Jamie..... but she doesn't sit about waiting to get her starring role as second fiddle either.........

    Nicole Pinder

    In THE ABANDONED BRIDE, Nicholas Daventry acts like a cad when he manipulates Julia's life to suit his own purposes. At one point (page 71; end of chapter 5), he slaps her when she says things he doesn't want to hear. At the end of their adventures, Julia exacts her retribution by pushing him in the harbor while they are in France (page 219; chapter 16).

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