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Contest 2
Describe That Cad!

Announcing the Second CAD CONTEST
And Time is of the Essence!

"Let the Punishment fit the crime!" (or as near to it as we can get)

This one requires memory - and since mine is like a sieve, if you are like me - perhaps a little page turning.... It's easy as pi!

Just email me and let me know:

In which book of mine did the hero once act like a CAD - and then was eventually paid back by the Heroine for it?

In other words, what did he do?

And how did she finally give him his comeuppance?

I have one particular book and scene in mind, but since I've already admitted to a lamentable memory, it's entirely possible you'll find a better example. So tell me why you think it fits.

As with all good crime-scenes you, as witness, have to name names: book, and characters.

Can't wait to see your answers - the first three correct ones win PRIZES, adulation, and a place in the sun on my CONTEST Page.

Winners will be posted so they can celebrate on the

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