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I had decided to never write another "C" book.

I wanted to move on to other, newer characters. But somehow, the characters from that series crept into my so-called "non-C" book, THE DEVIL'S BARGAIN. They kept showing up at theaters and parties in that story, as well as into my thoughts.

Readers kept writing in asking about the fate of some of my "C" characters too.

And lo! Lady Annabelle's name led all the rest. Beautiful, bright, and charming Lady Annabelle. Vindictive, spoiled and manipulative Lady Annabelle.


But she had some hard times and great disappointments. I found myself wondering what had shaped her, and what would happen to her if she had to define herself anew.

And then I wondered what would happen if she met a man who didn't worship her, but who treated men and women with equal grace and kindness. Could she measure up to him? Could she reach her own potential? Or instead, would she take the easy way out and refuse to really love anyone but herself, and so remain a pettish, frustrated, unawakened woman? Could she find who she really was in time to create a new and happier life for herself?

I never wrote about a heroine like her before. But uncovering who and what she was and why, as well as who she could be, was rewarding for me - and for the man who loved her. And, of course, I hope it will be for you too. Do let me know!

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