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The backdrop of the book is the early American theater, whose photos and playbills I love.

I went out West to research this one, the story of Josh Dylan's gorgeous younger brother Gray, and his adorable Hannah.

I live about as far East on the East coast as you can without getting your ankles wet, and I'll admit that every time I ever stepped into a plane I headed East, too. The Silvery Moon gave me my first chance to really see the American West. I found it difficult to come home. I never expected such beauty, and have been back again and again since.

The air! The open space. The tumbling brooks and towering mountains. And the sky is endless and endlessly blue. The low humidity preserved those parts of the Old West I was researching, and I visited several jewel boxes of theaters from the 19th century that looked as though they'd opened yesterday.

But I have to ask anyone who lives there: what is it with those biscuits and gravy? And why does everyone drink iced tea and not iced coffee? And how did you manage to get so many handsome men together in one place?

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