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The Crimson Crown is based on the story of the two princes in the Tower, it's a love story, and "if" history. But even "if" history has to be firmly based on the real thing. That was impossible to find in this case.

The more I researched this book, the more research I had to do. All the experts disagree, and there's little fact left to be found. Henry Tudor rewrote history when he defeated Richard Plantagenet. And Richard, in turn, did some fancy rewriting when he took over from his brother Edward, declaring Edward's two sons illegitimate.

I'd read Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time and for years firmly believed Richard III to be innocent of the crime of killing his nephews, the two princes in the tower. But after spending months reading and then chasing all over England looking for clues, I have to admit that now I think Richard probably done the dark and dirty deed. (Not himself, of course. Like most pragmatic politicians, he had someone else do it so he could deny it later.)

Luckily for me, this is a romance, and not really about Richard, so whether or not he was guilty doesn't influence the book at all.

But does the argument interest you? You can nip over to the Richard III society and take a look at their site. (They probably won't let me in now!)

If you want to trace the steps of Lucas and Megan, and can't make it to London this year, you can take a virtual tour of the Tower. Music, pictures, history and more - I only wish they'd had it when I wrote the Crown! It brings back such memories....

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