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Can we really talk? Let's be honest here. (If you can't be honest on your web page, where can you be?)

I love all my children equally, so it pains me when someone doesn't like one as much as the other. The Gilded Cage was an exciting book to write, and believe me, it has its rabid fans -- as does its sequel The Silvery Moon. But a lot of my readers had problems with both of them. Nobody has ever said they hated the writing or didn't like the characters in either book. But there's no question that some readers didn't care as much for these two.

Was it becasue they're set in the Victorian era?

Or because both have show business as a background? (An editor once told me all books about the Theater are dead on the shelves!) Or was it because they're the only two books I ever wrote that aren't set in England?

Inquiring authors would love to know!

I love Gilbert & Sullivan, and their operettas are the background for The Gilded Cage, as is Old New York, and yes -- the Theater. Josh Dylan is clever and handsome as any Regency hero, and his lady is a charmer, even if she was raised in Brooklyn, not Brighton or Bath.

You might want to try it and let me know what you think.

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