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Barn Dance
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Joan French and Jack Ford are caught in the midst of changing partners.

Straw hats replaced traditional crowns for the queen, Rochelle Jacobs and her king, Bob Walsh.

Senior Barn Dance Opens School Social Calendar

And it's the Grand Alamand Left that creates the aire of "Howdy Partner."

"Mr. Bones" and his friends, Bob Merck, Dennis Fournier and Rich LaVigne stop to chat with Shirley Rainsford, Mary Jo Carrera, Mona Kelly, Noreen Walsh, Ginny McGuire and Denis Daly.

Sue Daskas, Joan LaRose, Carole Zavala convinced their escorts to take a short break from "Fiddlin' Around."

Dave Goodman seems to be saying "smile at the pumpkin" to Pat Cronin, Lee Freidburg and Mary Ina McGuirt.

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