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Class of 1962 Student Index

Languages -
makes the 'arts
grow fonder

As they interpret Chesterton's BALLAD OF THE WHITE HORSE, seniors (l to r) Laverne Ivers, Nancy Lyons, Barbara Smith, Denise Daly and Florence Doody kneel in spirit with King Alfred as he gives the last of his jewels to the Queen.

(l to r) Mary Aileen O'Callaghan, Kitty Plunket, Mary Lee McGowen, Pat Campbell and Donna Leigh Ziherle enact a scene from THE MISER for their junior class.

Judy Thiele, Mary Agnes Sullivan, Judy Prokup, Mary Ann Paul and Peggy Brennan present a panel study of American literature in sophomore English.

Carola Murray (right) interprets a letter from France for (l to r) Judy Clark, Sally Vukelich, Jane Kenefick and Beverly Bordeau.

The language lab enhances the study of French for upper classmen who learn to adapt themselves to speeds of fluent conversations.

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