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Class of 1962 Student Index

"a hope to sing by gladly"

Toy soldiers - Catherine Beegan, Margaret Meyering, Betty Bax, Sally McPartlin, Pat Campbell, Pat Rafferty, Nancy White and Pat Affronti - in their parade finery.

Jane (Sue Warner) and Tom (Tim Rowe) singing "Slumber Deep"

Clarice Strauch and William O'Connell in the Spider Forest.

Margie Friel sings her part to Paul Gudas, John Cunnea, William Peltzman and Bruce Anderson.

Dorothea Lanzafame, Nanci Dunn, Mary Tiernan, Joyce Clinnin, Julie Ohlinger, Mary Ellen Thavis and Joan Werner singing to "Mary, Mary , Quite Contrary" -- Patricia Knapp.

Widow Piper (Maureen Tobin) and Uncle Barnaby (Jon Szostak) singing a warning to each other - "Before They Were Married.".

The Piper Children getting their instructions from Hilda (Dorothy Jordan) and the Widow Piper (Veronica Horon).

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