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Junior Sisters
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Class of 1962 Student Index

"what I do and what I dream include thee."

Bill Mitchell, Lynne Meister, Sister Joanne Marie, O.P., Sister Ann Carol, O.P., Sister Bernard Michael, O.P., Sister John Maureen, O.P., Sister Rose Ethel, O.P. - fix wrong order of names

x Sister Rose Ethel
Sister Rose Ethel, O.P.
Junior Homeroom
Business Education
Sister Mary Aloise
Sister Mary Aloise, O.P.
Junior Homeroom
x Sister Ann Carol
Sister Ann Carol, O.P.
Sophomore Homeroom
Sister Joanne Marie
Sister Joanne Marie, O.P.
Junior Moderator
Home Economics
Mrs. Mary McManus
Mrs. Mary McManus
Sister John Maureen
Sister John Maureen, O.P.
Junior Homeroom
Sister Bernard Michael
Sister Bernard Michael, O.P.
Mrs. Marie Orrico
Mrs. Marie Orrico
Office Secretary
x x

"growing straight on a hill"

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