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Sophomores - Miller - Zavala
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Phyllis Russell                                   Mary Rutecki                                   Bonny Scanlon

Charlene Schauert                                   Catherine Sheen                                   Loretta Sieg

Barbara Smith                                   Jean Skoronski                                   Frances Smith

Pamela Spangelo                                   Judy Steffens                                   Clarice Strauch

Lois Sugrue                                   Leslie Sullivan                                   Mary Swallow

Susan Taber                                   Mary Tiernan                                   Maureen Tobin

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To sum it up, our Sophomore Sue is truly a wise - foolish person, with foolishness on the way
out and wisdom on the way in. For like all true Aquinites, she lifts high, her heart, her head and eye,
because she is a girl who is proud to be a small part of a wonderful, large school - Aquinas.

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Nancy Turner                                   Patricia Turney                                   Mary Van Deusen

Mary Vensel                                   Lenore Victor                                   Peggy Wadlington

Theresa Waldeck                                   Mary Walsh                                   Noreen Walsh

Sharon Wight                                   Sheila Wukitsch                                   Carole Zavala

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