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Freshmen - Merwick - Raciti
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Nancy Ransford
Cheryl Reiner
Maureen Riordan
Sandra Rinella
Zita Roberts
Terryl Rodrian
Christine Ross

Rita Russell
Lynn Ryan
Marybeth Schmitt
Elaine Speredakos
Patricia Stack
Mary Jo Stanton
Ivory Stone

Yes, little freshie, someday you will become what you are ... a full grown Aquinite
... a senior ... but when you do, you will know what the seniors know now ... you must
pay a high price for this privilege that will be yours ... you must say good-bye to Aquinas
... good-bye to its laughter ... good-bye to its wondrous joy.

Carol Stukel
Anne Sudeikis
Mary Sweeney
Pamela Swigon
Judith Tansey
Elizabeth Thavis
Carol Thorson

Susan Trindl
Mary Ann Tufo
Kathleen Tuohey
Sheila Turney
Jeanette Uhrik
Mary Underwood
Barbara Voss

Patrice Ward
Anne Welsh
Barbara Wichn
Nancy White
Sara White
Elizabeth Zellar
DOnna Ziherle

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