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Freshmen - Merwick - Raciti
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Patricia Merwick
Bonnie Meyers
Julie Milas
Patricia Monkiewicz
Dolores Murphy
Mary Murphy
Betty Neyman

Donna Newell
Joanne Noonan
Mary Ann Novak
Romona Nowak
Mary Oakvick
Kathleen O'Brien
Mary O'Callaghan

Yes, little freshie, someday you will become what you are ... a full grown Aquinite
... a senior ... but when you do, you will know what the seniors know now ... you must
pay a high price for this privilege that will be yours ... you must say good-bye to Aquinas
... good-bye to its laughter ... good-bye to its wondrous joy.

Jean O'Connor
Jane O'Rourke
Mary O'Rourke
Betty Patterson
Patricia Paul
Marie Pawlak
Pamela Pilat

Patricia Pilat
Kitty Plunkett
Sharon Polson
Betty Poullman
Nancy Pozdel
Diane Quinn
Donna Raciti

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