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Freshmen - Celesk - Fetyko
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Joyce Celesk
Mary Chambers
Mary Kay CLancy
Diane Cooley
Rosemary Cooper
Catherine Connolly
Patricia Conroy

Roberta Cosentino
Veronica Coughlan
Rita Cremeens
Myra Cronin
Doris Crotty
Barbara Daly
Mary Ann Delladio

little freshies ... full grown Aquinites

Will I ever stand in the middle of Senior Hall wearing a hallguard badge and
say: "Keep to the right," or "no talking in the hall," or, "two abreast, please?"

Jean Dervin
Monique De Strooper
Joyce Dolac
Marsha Dominiak
Rosemary Draine
Jean Drumm
Kathy Duggan

Susan Dunne
Margaret Eastlund
Lenna Enright
Geraldine Erickson
Nancy Evans
Denise Ferguson
Francine Fetyko

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