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Clubs - Lyrics of the Leaves
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Clubs ...

Senior debaters: Claire Smith, Maureen Borsch, Virginia De Napoli, Patricia O'Rourke, Barbara Taruscio, Rita Harte, Dorothea Lanzafame, and Rita Corley.

Stage Crew: Gail McKirchy, Mary Galligan, Lorraine Corley, Kathleen McCartin, Susan Drazba, Jean O'Brien, Diane Conlin, Barbara Nebel, Virginia Duffy, Linda Esping, Margaret Sullivan, Susan Proper, Georganne Walsh.

Mission officers: Mary Durkin, Dorothy Gallagher, Mary Galligan, Mary Carol Nolan, Margaret Mangan, count the generous returns from the various homerooms.

Rejoicing in success are these members of Mu Alpha Theta: Elissa Matushek, Sally Durkin, Pamela Webster, Patricia Benson.

Participants in a student congress: Claire Smith, Maureen Borsch, Virginia DeNapoli, Patricia O'Rourke, Barbara Taruscio, Rita Harte, Dorothea Lanzafame, and Rita Corley.

Physics Club officers, Patricia Benson, Joan Benson, Claire, Smith, Mary Collette Moore, Barbara Mahoney, Barbara Modzikowski, Anne Marie Rogers.

Library assistants: Anne Keane, Margaret Trahey, Mary Jo Stanton, Pamela Bleski, and Mary Van Deusen keep things in good order.

Giving a helping hand are Red Cross officers: Beth McCabe, Mary Kay Lydon, Barbara Nebel, Janice Hatfield, Jane Butler.

Lyric of the Leaves

Briskly marching along, the Sophomore Class executes a plus ultra Grand March.

In every joy, Mary stands at my side, ready to light, guard and guide.

More enchanting than any lyric poem is Judy Godvin, queen and her charming court at the Sophomore Dance: Patricia Rafferty, Nancy Dunn, Eileen O'Connor, and Kathleen DuLude.

Richard Green is the proud escort of Judy Godvin, newly crowned queen.

Lyric of the Leaves
Lyric of the Leaves

November 25, 1959

A swirl of moonbeam touched the night
As ___________________________ rang the bell,
And off we flew on a leaf so light
To our autumn carousel.
We danced in rusty ecstacy
To Saint Rita's musical spell
Then rode on star drops to _____________________
From Autumn's carousel.
As night drew up her curtain at __________________
And stardust shadows fell
We tripped a pathway homeward
While autumn sang farewell.

My "Lyric of the Leaves" memory is:

  • Brighter than the harvest moon
  • Like a flickering star
  • Strictly cloudy

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