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Class of 1962 Student Index

The World of the Theater

Karen Biety caught in a wistful moment during "Time Out for Ginger."

Rita Gleason represents the Madonna in the annual Christmas pageant.

Studying their lines are Rita Gleason and Sandra Craig.

Eve Friend, Sharon Powell, Carol Cronin and Marilyn Stupka, part of the cast for "Time Out for Ginger."

The Aquinas drama class presented "Genesis" at the Loyola Drama Festival, with senior Eve Friend as our first mother, Karen Biety as Cain, and Carol Cronin as Abel.

Eve Friend won a gold medal for her role in "Genesis" at the Loyola Play Festival.

The forces of evil in "Genesis" vividly portrayed by Joanne Felice, Judith Kane, Lynn Siovic and Mary Moran.

The power of good is reflected in "Genesis" by Sharon Craig, Virginia Dillon, Kathleen McCartin, Marilyn Stupka, Roberta King, Barbara Nebel and Lorraine Corley.

Brian Crowe steps in on Eve Friend and James Banus during a family disagreement.

The littlest angel wings his way to Aquinas.

The family in "Time Out for Ginger": Eve Friend, James Banus, Kathleen McCartin, Karen Biety and Mary Moran.

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