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"Little Ladies from ...
Scholastic Trammels Free"

The Mikado, brave bold Emperor of Japan, needed
ladies for his court ... The Advanced Choral obliged with
flickering fans, sounds of silk, jet black hair, shaded brows,
eyes of startling appeal, and voices rich with joy when
Nanki-Poo finally won Yum-Yum ... no one knew who
enjoyed it most, the directors, the Choral, or the audience.

Pooh-Bah (Patrick Coughlan) listens as the Mikado (Brian Crowe) makes his decision concerning the execution of Nanki-Poo (Gene Brady).

Yum-Yum's court standing left to right: Mary Stuber, Rosemary Prow, Nancy Smith, Kathleen Hogan, and Lou Ann Du Chene; Back Row: Patricia Knapp, Elizabeth Doody, Mary Lee Guzzo, Ruth La Freniere, Josephine Mangione, Janice Hatfield, Elizabeth Rainsford and Marie Reardon; Front row seated: Virginia Putorek, Cynthia Smitko, Judy Scanlon, Muriel Getty and Judy McClain; Center: Julie Ohlinger, Mary Ellen Leitelt and Diana McLean.

These three happy little maids, Mary Ellen Leitelt, Nancy Smith, and Janice Hatfield, have just come home from school.

(Gene Brady).
Yum-Yum, Barbara Kuenn, (Sunday cast) smiles demurely as she awaits her lover Nanki-Pooh

The vicious Katisha (Mary Donna King) comes to claim Nanki-Poo (Gene Brady).

Yum-Yum, Mary Ellen Leitelt (Friday cast) joyfully anticipates her wedding day.

The townspeople of Titipu listen as Katisha, Mary Lehman (Friday cast) proclaims her betrothal to Nanki-Poo (Gene Brady).

These four friends, Pish-Tush (George Kotil), Pitti-Sing (Janice Hatfield), Nanki-Poo (Gene Brady) and Yum-Yum (Mary Ellen Leitelt) sadly sing of the execution of the bridegroom Nanki-Poo.

These gentlemen of Japan (William O'Connell, George Franklin, James Modzikowski, and Jon Szostak) confer with Pish-Tush (George Kotil) about the town affairs.

Poo-Bah (Patrick Coughlan), Nanki-Poo (Gene Brady) and Pish-Tush (George Kotil) discuss the whereabouts of Yum-Yum.

The three little maids, Barbara Kuenn, Kathleen Hogan and Mary Guzzo smile as they recall the antics of the bashful Pooh-Bah.

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