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Class of 1962 Student Index

Agile Angie Aquinites

The freshmen are ready for gym inspection.

Sister John Maureen, moderator. Mrs. Costanza, gum instruction, and the A.A.A. officers: (left to right) Pamelia Webster, junior intermurals; Ellen Connors, social chairman; Carolyn Mark, senior intermurals; Susan Costello, publicitity; Kathleen Dickson, bowling; Judith Bonardi, vide-president; Margaret Flanigan, treasurer; Jane Gilliland, bowling; Ellen Crossman, president; and Sharon Bright, secretary.

Aquinas cheerleaders Rita Gleason, Margaret Sullivan, Eve Friend, and Lorraine Corley cheer the All-Stars on to victory.

The freshmen learn the value of exercise during gym classes.

Patricia Knapp, Susan Costello, and Dorothy Jordan prepare for the A.A.A. showcase.

To junior Mary Rita Sloan the world is upside down.

Senior Carolyn Mark does a handstand on the end of parallel bars.

Keeping team spirit high at Carmel and Mendel are baton twirlers Corlette Cleland (Mendel), Pauline Hanrahan (Carmel), Phyllis Rickert (Carmel), Elain Veneris (Carmel).

Mrs. Costanza, gym instructor, with members< of the Leaders Club: Karen Geary, Sharon Murphy, Donna Clark, Ellen Crossman, Barbara Mahoney, Patricia Bryar, Marcella Kirk, Susan Malito, Patricia Condon, Wilma Dunn, Geraldine Dolan, Susan Kubiak, Carolyn Marron, Karen Ago, Ellen Conners, Sharon Bright, Penny Padley, Joanne Pilat, Geraldine Griffin, and Sharon Craig.

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