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Cisca Challenge - Charting the Future
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Meeting the Cisca Challenge
Charting the Future

Kathleen Hogan, S.D.S. school representative, narrates while Ann Marie Rogers, Jean Garvin, and Julie Ohlinger model S.D.S. fashions.

Sr. Anne Bernadette, Catholic Action Cisca Moderator, looks on while secretary Patricia Kleutgen, senior representatives Judy Hein and Donna Clarke, and chairman Eve Friend pack clothes and books for Indian Mission.

E.O.L. Cisca officers Barbara Modzikowski Dorothea Hartmann, and Rita McDonough make a visit to chapel.

Discussing the latest issue of the Cisca News are these officers and committee chairmen: Julie Ohlinger, CCynthia Smitko, Mary Joselyn, Sheila O'Connell, president; Eve Friend, Kathleen Hogan, Joan Spinelli, Rosemary Prow, Diane Conlin, Rita McDonough, and Karen Koko, a former writer for the downtown Cisca News.

Displaying their talents at the Ciscarama school eliminations are Lynn Slovic, Barbara Kuenn, Judy Prisby, Mary Delta Sheen, Kathleen Sheen and Jean Skronski.

Promoting the New World are these members of the Cisca Literature Committee: Rosemary Prow, Chairman: Mary Joslyn, Assistant Chairman: Bernadette Brown, Mary Collette Moore, Mary Ina McGuirt, Joan Innis, Mary Katherine Clancy, Diane Cooley, Mary Gaul, and Kathleen Delude.

This audience is listening to a speaker discussing opportunities for a career in business.

Father Francis Paul Crawford, O.S.A., gave the key note address on Career Day.

A sister from Little Company of Mary giving pointers on nursing as a career.

Nursing representatives from St. Joseph School, St. Mary of Nazareth, and Little Company of Mary.

Margaret Keenan, Mary Hosty, and Sherry Park discuss opportunities available at Mt. Mary College.

Sister Mary WIlliam of Marillac Center discusses opportunities in social work with Aquinites.

A representative from the Comptometer Corporation demonstrates the latest model for Carolyn Mark and Mary Regan.

Dr. John H. O'Neill of De Paul University gave the key note address on College Day.

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