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Class of 1962 Student Index

"Science is but a mere heap of facts
if we refuse to link it to the throne of God."

Bonny Scanlon and Leslie Sullivan during an unforgettable moment in sophomore life.

Barbara Kuenn and Joan Jordan study the method of diluting acids.

A group of physics students calibrating the accuracy of thermometers: Anne Keane, Susan Bursell, Diana McLean, Judith Nolan, Lorraine Griffin, Julie O'Connor, and Eileen Cate.

The sophomore biology class learn the structure of the human body: Patricia Leick, Joan Lindon, Jo Ann Cox, Pamela Spangelo, Eileen O'Connor, Janet Basinski, Rochelle Jacobs, Margaret Harvey, Patricia Cronin, Judith Ewing, Sheila O'Brien, and Kathleen O'Keefe.

Physics students Pauline Hanrahan, Cynthia Smitko, and Mary Ann Murray compute moments of force with torque equipment.

An intent chemistry class finds the percentage of oxygen in a compound: Theresa Fisher, Barbara Cox, Mary Joslyn, Mary Stuber, Kathleen Hogan, Karen Krug, Mary Ellen Leitelt, Karen Geary, Bernadette Brown, Pamela Donnelly, Mary Durkin, Ellen Crossman, Karen Koko, and Maureen Borsch.

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