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Homemaking - Chicago's Tomorrow
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Homemaking ... A Gracious Art

Learning to serve a buffet are Ruth Pierce and Thais Alexander.

Proper table arrangement is discussed by Sally Simmons and Ruth Pierce.

Taking advantage of the modern kitchen equipment are Jane McNulty, Sue Drazha, and Marilyn Morelli.

Preparing for Chicago's Tomorrow

"We are emerging a city that is more than efficient ...
more than a powerful contribution to the world's goods ...
a city that is finding our solutions to one of the most
universal problems of our age ... how to nuture dignity and
meaning in the individual lives of our citizens."
                               Mayor Richard Daley

Steps to prevent the evils of alcoholism are suggested in> the Social Problems class of seniors Patricia Kluctgen, Sheila Hughes, Carole Harris, Joan Hodgson, Consuela Lambert, Beth McCabe, and Irene Lowry.

Joanne Pilat, Linda Esping, Marilyn Morelli, Jean O'Brien, and Carole Conway agree that the 5 Great Encyclicals offer a solid democratic program for social action.

Mayor Richard Daley with a model of the Chicago of the future.

Rita Brennan examines a dollar bill to find out if it is counterfeit, while Julie Stauffer, Loretta Murphy, and Donna Clutterbuck look on.

Seniors: Carol Cronin, Kathleen McCartin, Kathleen McGowan,
Thais Alexander, Karen Biety, Sheila O'Connell, Joan Jordon and Mary Moran present a program on the brotherhood of man, which includes speech, song and dance.

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