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National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll
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Class of 1962 Student Index

The Forward Look In Honor Seen ...


Presidents: Maureen Hughes; Patricia Gallagher
Vice Presidents: Kathleen Sinnott; Marita Reilley
Secretary: Janice Koss; Judy McCusker
Treasurer: Mary Therese Anglim

Antoinette Bogner
Ann Marie Bridge
Helen Cahill
Jane Davoren
Marion Fisher
Paula Fitzmaurice
Sharon Geinzer
Janet Greene
Jean Keeley
Rosemary Keiffer
Dolores Leahy
Patricia Lewandowski
Peggy Lyons
Lynne Marin
Patricia McGowan
Delphine Mezydlo
Mary Jo Ransford
Cathy Rohe
Marjorie Sheehan
Christine Slomka
Mary Ellen Spain
Elizabeth Sweeney
Judy Wilder
Judy Zielinski

Following the footsteps of Mary
To strive, living her ideals
Character, Leadership and Service
A true Aquinite reveals.

The Forward In Honor
Honor Won ...


Co-Editors: Karen Morley and Patricia Quinlan
Yearbook Co-Editors: Helen Cahill and Delphine Medzydlo

Carol Brennan
Peggy Corse
Nancy Daly
Jane Davoren
Nora Dougherty
Linda Drew
Mary Rose Duffy
Rita Duffy
Mary DUrkin
Julianne Egan
Penny Finn
Janet Foy
Mary Fries
Miriam Gallagher
Sheila Ganley
Barbara Geary
Marguerite Glynn
Patricia Kennedy
Patricia Leemans
Linda Lennon
Susan Maher
Carol Marshall
Patricia McDermott
Patricia McGowan
Kathleen Murphy
Gerri O'Connor
Sally O'Connor
Margaret Phillips
Mary Jo Popjoy
Carol Ross
Kay Ruddy
Phyllis Spinelli
Geraldine Tabor
Sue Wallheiser
Marcella Welch
Judy Wilder

To write well is to think well
The meaning of QUILL AND SCROLL
With a golden tassel as its symbol
Its cherished memories to unfold.

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