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Sophomores - Mohan - Williamson
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Class of 1962 Student Index

The Girls are Finding that School is Bliss

Mohan, Susan
Monahan, Sharon
Morrissey, Merijean
Molylewski, Cynthia
Nash, Mary Ellen
Neff, Mary
Nolan, Mary Carol

Norris, Diane
Novack, Sharon
O'Connor, Barbara
O'Connor, Mary Beth
Ohlinger, Julie
O'Rourke, Kathleen
O'Rourke, Patricia

O'Sullivan, Eileen
O'Toole, Barbara
Park, Sherry
Petersen, Sandra
Poerio, Carolyn
Prendergast, Ellen
Quigley, Karen

Quinn, Kathleen
Raddatz, Dianne
Rainsford, Betty
Reilly, Patricia
Riegel, Kathleen
Robinson, Linda Ann
Rodgers, Mary Jo

Rohe, Joanne
Rohwedder, Janet
Ross, Patricia
Rudolph, Leslie
Ryan, Donna
Scanlon, Judy
Scherer, Mary Ann

Schuit, Martha
Siovic, Lynne
Sloan, Mary Rita
Smith, Patricia
Sosnowski, Judy
Spinelli, Joan
Stanford, Elizabeth

Stephens, Eileen
Stewart, Susan
Storek, Betty
Sullivan, Carolyn
Sweeney, Mary
Szablewski, Mary Ann
Taruscio, Barbara

And the Soph is Becoming an Aquinas Miss

Thavis, Mary Ellen
Trudeau, Mary Louise
Vlasek, Carole
Wagner, Lorraine
Walco, Cynthia
Waldeck, Susanne

Walsh, Eileen
Walsh, Kathleen
Warner, Susan
Webster, Pamela
Wehman, Maripat
Welch, Eileen
Werner, Joan

Wight, Donna
Wilkerson, Charlene
Williams, Mary Jean
Williamson, Barbara

Heavenly Daze
HEAVENLY DAZE, brought out all budding artists to make angels and satellites as mobiles for the coming attraction.

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