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Micelli - Zavala
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Are Starting to Mold the Aquinas Girl


Dear Diary,

Today I put on my new green uniform for the first time. Now I am a member of that long green line of fine girls that have lived and loved Aquinas as their Alma Mater, meaning NOURISHING MOTHER. See, I know a little Latin already.

On the bus I thought everyone was looking at me in my trim little suit and when I got off the bus at 72nd and Clyde, they knew thati "belonged to Aquinas.

ALways shall I wear it with dignity and since green is the color of hope, I hope never to sully the fine ideals of my school. Each day may I honor it and my new school, Aquinas.

Good bye for now,
Freshie Fran

Mary Swallow                                                                      Susan Taber

Mary Tiernan                                                                      Maureen Tobin                                                                      Nancy Turner

Patricia Turney                                                                      Mary Van Deusen

Mary Beth Vensel                                                                      Lenore Victor

Lynn Mary Walsh                                                                      Noreen Walsh                                                                      Theresa Waldeck

Sharon Wight                                                                      Sheila Wukitsch

Edith Zarins                                                                      Carole Ann Zavala

THAT FIRST PARTY ... Oh, what fun ... seniors acting so foolish and later to become our stern masters in the halls and walls of Aquinas High.

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