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Friel - Metzler
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Class of 1962 Student Index

In Choral They Made Glad Hearts Sing

Marigebe Lutz                                                                      Nancy Lyons

Katherine Maloney                                                                      Nanette Manno                                                                      Madeline Marcordes

Jean Martinson                                                                      Ann Mazziotte

Virginia McGuire                                                                      Mary Ina McGuirt

Marilyn McKay                                                                      Sherri Marie McKenna                                                                      Rosemary Meehan

Lynn Meister                                                                      Mary Ellen Metzler

Mixed emotions fill their hearts ... Little Freshman are to start ... They're happy; they're filled with joy ... Like a little child with a brand new toy ... Dreams they crave of Senior glory ... Then Freshman Night will be an old story.

Freshmen fears are many ... the number goes quite high ... they fear the stairs ... and Seniors' lairs ... homework makes them sigh ... They shy away from hallguards ... and never get in trouble ... and yet we know ... in a year or so ... their trouble will be double.

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