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Class of 1962 Student Index

Christmas Came to Aquinas

Assembled around MARY (Sheila Ganley) are the people of the world: Michael Buchan, Budd Lombaer, Bill Peltzman, Dolores Leahy, Karen Biety, Susan Maher and Barbara Howell.

With a Christmas tree as a backdrop earnest Red Cross workers, Anita Butler, Barbarel Nebel, Mary Ann Roscoe, Alice Hagan and Dona Clutterbuck.

Narrator for the Christmas Play, Este Michalak.

Playing Santa Claus is fun for Patricia Kleutgen.

THE CHRISTMAS MADONNA awakens the spirit among men. The Madonna ... Sheila Ganley.

'Nuts in May' ... Senior Play

Senior year is filled with countless, joyous memories. The Class of 1959 presented "Nuts in May", a delightful comedy about a Broadway first-night of Cornelia Otis Skinner, the author.

The leads were played by Estelle Michalak and Michael Buchanan (Cornelia's husband.) Michael, Cornelia's son, was portrayed by Charles Calvano. Other prominent parts were: Uncle Watson, James Modzikowski; Janet, Janet Greene; and Ethel, Leona Roberts and Judy Zelinski.

"Nuts in May" will never be forgotten by the cast or the large audiences for its splendid display of acting and the entertainment it provided for all.

Sister Mary Sabina, O.P., was the moderator and Mrs. ELizabeth Gariety deserves all the credit for the fine directing.

NUTS IN MAY was the story of a great star and all her engaging problems attendant upon OPENING NIGHT>

Pictured in the scenes and not mentioned above: MARY CAROL LA DUE, Bud Lombaer, James Modzikowski, Dolores Leahy, Leona Roberts, Michael Buchanan, Paula Fitzmaurice, Mary Fries, Pat Lewandowski, Judy Kuraz, Peggy Lyons and Judy Zielinski.

Caught peeking behind the stage curtains: Pat Quinlan and Mary Ellen Spain.

ADDING THAT EXTRA TOUCH BEFORE THE SCENE: Janet Dooley, Sue Maher, Janet Greene, Estelle Michalak, Mary Ann Roscoe, Mary Jo Popjoy, Pat Quinlin and Charles Calvano.

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