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Class of 1962 Student Index

Musicians Meet the Challenge of '59
Instruments at rest as thirty-five musicians seal the sweet harmony of a year's hard work. This consisted of performing for FRESHMAN NIGHT, THE OPERETTA, CANDLELIGHT PROCESSION, NATIONAL MUSIC CONVENTION, CHICAGO CATHOLIC HIGH ORCHESTRA and the highlight of the year, the long-awaited SPRING CONCERT.

Officers of the Orchestra are: President Lynne Marin, Vice-President Carole Osterling, Sec. Carol Ross, Treasurer Marcella Welch, Publicity head, Marcia La Montagne and Librarian Rita McMahon.

Pianists for the Orchestra, Janet Knicker and Marilyn Fonte at the Steinways.

Posed with their friendly instruments, the girls in the following sections of the Orchestra:


Ahern, Jane Ann
Bridge, Ann Marie
Draus, Priscilla
Druzik, Judy
Fingleton, Barbara
Girmscheid, Gerri
Johnston, Carolyn
Keating, Jean
Kubiak, Sue Ellen
Kurasz, Judy
McMahon, Rita
Prisby, Judy
Ross, Carol
Skoronski, Jean
Welch, EIleen
Welch, Marcella*
Wysocki, Phyllis


Fonte, Marilyn
Knicker, Janet

* Concert Mistress          


Borsch, Maureen
Cox, Barbara
Johnson, Judith
Lewandowski, Pat
Mahoney, Barbara
Osterling, Carole
Rawlings, Diane
Rickert, Phyllis


Anglim, Mary Terese
Keeley, Jean
Kuban, Judy
Lambert, Connie
Marin, Lynne


La Montagne, Marcia
Ryba, Ingrid
Thorpe, Suzanne

Sister Grace Adelaide directs the Aquinas Orchestra.

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