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Class of 1962 Student Index

Colleges are Beckoning ...
It was a great thrill to groom for College Day and to mingle with the throng of the Intelligentia, that honored Aquinas by coming here to tell the story of their institution and its offerings to the high school graduate. Meeting the Sisters and Priests of different religious orders was a nice experience and very helpful, too.

Career Day followed and heads of various institutions came to acquaint the Acquinites of their schools. All was a thrilling adventure and did steer Aquinas graduates into Catholic Colleges and Universities.

Symbolic of the sweet girl graduate, senior Barbara Geardon waves "Goodbye."

Sisters of Charity were here to tell of their course in Child Care.

Aquinites returned garbed in the trim starched dress of a nurse, from Little Company of Mary, St. Bernard's and Nazareth School of Nursing.

Careers are Calling ...

"Time out" for Sister Rosaria, Sister Rose Francis and Sister John Bernard during the busy day. publicity heads.

Reverend John C. Malloy, S.J. chats with a Franciscan friend.

Sister Mary Dorothy, O.P., Dean of Siena Heights College, describes its merits to interested Aquinites.

Sister Rose Francis with the Little Company of Mary SIsters as they discuss a Technician course possibility.

Careers in the Sky were extolled by American Air Lines Stewardess, Miss Patsy Higgins to sky-minded Aquinites.

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