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Class of 1962 Student Index

Studding the Stage ...
Cisca Stars
A style show ... a candy drive ... a talent search ... C.I.S.C.A. comes alive. Born of ideals ... the story goes on ... nurtured by support ... independence is won. A perfect unit ... displayed by all along ... fun and moderation ... Christian talent and song ... fashion and modesty ... purity and attraction ... religion and worship ... young women and Catholic Action.

Gracing the C.I.S.C.A talent5 show is Lynn Siovic up on her toes.

Our fair ladies Barbara Keune and Connie Lambert are thinking how "loverly" it would be.

The agile fingers of Grace de Napoli play a lively tune.

A combination of fashion and Christian modesty modeled by the Seniors during S.D.S. week.

Aquinites Approve ...
C.I.S.C.A. has been a growing organization at Aquinas. Though its ideals have long been upheld by Aquinites, city-wide Catholic Action, supported by all Chicago high schools, is a newcomer. Directed by the teacchings of Christ, and guided by the Archbishop, Ciscans sponsor activities for the furthering of the church and its principles. Under the moderator, Sister Jane Dominic, O.P., C.I.S.C.A. will function as an independent organization at Aquinas next year.


Phyllis Rickert and Psauline Hanrahan show how they strut for the Carmel Caravan. publicity heads.

Father Lawlor, city-wide C.I.S.C.A. moderator, honored us with an explanation of the organization at the presentation of candidates for C.I.S.C.A. offices.

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