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Once ... Upon a Sodality
Dearest Mary,

You are my QUEEN. Today when May sent her fairest blossoms to bedeck your shrine, her hundreds of advocates at AQUINAS followed in solemn processions to crown you with the dignity of QUEEN.

I felt so exalted as when singing your hymn. I placed an earthly crown on your head, a mere symbol of your heavenly role.

This is the end of a year spent in doing for your SON, through you, whether it be an Easter Hat for an old lady of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Decking His altar in the school chapel, Sacrificing for His missionaries, or Spreading His Word through Catholic Literature but best of all, the monthly Sodality Mass, where together in your name we praise Your Son.

A fond adieu to the greatness of Aquinas through Mary.

Prefect Patricia McGowan

Aquinas Chaplain, Father Brett officiates at Sodality Mass offered each month for the student body in picturesque Saint Philip Neri Church.

Acting happy as any old lady would do, when receiving gratis an Easter bonnet, Mary Ellen Spain portrays the Easter Hat Drive for the women of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Janet Greene obliges.

THE MISSIONS ARE CALLING and answering are all Aquinites, whose pennies mount to vast sums and whose prayer offerings steep in gold the mission coffers.

Care of the Lord's House is illustrated by Mary Jo Ransofrd and her companion while two visitors converse with their heavenly Father.

Our BLessed Mother is crowned Queen of May and of Aquinas by Pat McGowan, Sodality Prefect. Totalling other officers in attendance are Paula Fitzmaurice, vice-prefect, Sally O'Connor, Cisca chairman, Janet Greene, Catholic Action Chairman, Pat Lewandowski, Literature chairman, Mary Jo Ransford, E.O.L. chairman Virginia DUffy, Secretary and Bernadette Brown and Julianne Flynn, publicity heads.

Catholic Literature is a very vital and necessary part of man's spiritual needs. Kathy Sinnett is crowned queen of the New World Drive by Pat Lewandowski as an honor for selling the most subscriptions.

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