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Law is the Rule of Right Reason
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Law is the Rule of Right Reason
Aquinas has a STUDENT COURT presided over by a Senior Judge, who seeks to be just and fair in all its dealers with offenders against the student constitution. A girl may be arrested for such offenses as: eating in the classrooms, wearing non-uniform apparel or talking in the hall.

If, however, the defendant feels that she is unjustly accused, she is provided with a lawyer to plead her case. The Student Court, assisted by a jury of upperclassmen, then determines the verdict.

Through the Court the student body learns respect for lawful authority, because even though the penalty (one hour of labor with a faculty member) is not so stiff, it makes the would-be offender think twice before disregarding a school law.

In a recent visit to the FEDERAL COURT BUILDING, in its jury room, Student Court officers assumed jury status and listed to the Federal Court Judge. They are: Jean Keeley, Rita Brennan, Dolores Leahy, Joanne Pilot, Sheila O'Connell, Sharon Geinzer, Ingrid Ryba, Katie Sinnott, Irene Lowrey, Nora Dougherty, Linda Lennon, Marion Fischer, Toni Bogner, Lynn Hawkins, Rita Gleason, Mary Jo Ransford and Judy Zielinski.

With Old Glory in the background, Senior Judge Jean Keeley and Rita Brennan, Junior Judge, preside over a session of the Aquinas Student COurt.

Aquinas ...
I Render Thee Service
Service is thy keynote
Willingness, thy way
Gratitude, thy noble trait
May it ever stay!

President Mrs. Robert A. Gallagher of the Aquinas Mothers' Club speaks well for her board who have made the year 1959, a profitable and pleasant one. They are: VICE PRESIDENTS: Mrs. W. Popjoy, Mrs. J. Pilat, Mrs. J. Flanigan, Mrs. W Sommers, Mrs. A. Schmitt; Secretaries: Mrs. E. Reardon, Mrs. M. Marin, Mrs. P. Anderson; Treas. Mrs. F. Moran and the various chairmen and Standing Comittees of the Aquinas Mothers' Club.

THE AWUINAS ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION which is headed by President Miss Mary Chase, also charted up a very successful year. She is assisted by Vice President Gene Kurth, Treasurer Janice Larkin. Corres. Sec. Ann Codd Forst, Alice Mitchell, Recording Sec. and Lorraine Sullivan, Membership Chairman.

With trays ever ready, the Aquinas Hostesses smile through their labor: Lynn Marin, Phyllis Esposito, Claire Smith, Maureen Borsch, Audrey Novakowski, Mary Fries, Carol Harris, Sue Sachtleben, Joanne Pilat, Sheila Gilligan, Carole Osterling, Janice Koss, Rita McDonough, Rosemarie Kiefer, Mary Roach, Karen Gralewski, Cynthis Smitko and Rita Reilley.

Selling more than eight chance books in the last drive for Aquinas Fire Prevention are happy: Dixie Doody, Mary Flanigan, Leona Roberts, Marilyn Martin, Frances Kewley, Maureen Fitzgerald, Pam Webster and Cathie Black.

The lucky winners in the Drive were: Mary Jane Gilliland, Janet Marcordes and Rosemary Uhlrich.

The ever faithfuls that maintain the building of Aquinas and the school cafeteria are: ENGINEER MR. A. LEICH, Cafeteria Manager and Assistants Mrs. M. Dunmore, Mrs. Nora Nolan, Mrs. B. Hedlund, and assistants Mr. L. Hendron and Mr. J. Hendron.

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