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Student Government
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As on every Monday morning, Dolores Leahy and Liz Sweeney distribute hallguard badges for the coming week. The hallguards are: Jean Cahill, Marita Reilley, Mary Kay Schmitt, Chris Slomka, Sue Wallheiser and Barrie Flavin.

The Publicity Bureau acquaints the student body with the latest activities through the efforts of Irene Lowry, Sharon Geinzer and Carol Cronin.

Once Upon a Student Council ...
Governing the School of Aquinas is somewhat similar to the governing of the City of Chicago. In directing the city, Major Richard Daly is the supreme power from which branches all authority. A wide range of councils, varying in their area of jurisdiction, are under his domain. Under His Honor's control are branches of the Police and Fire Departments, Bureau of Sanitation, and the Park District, plus numerous others.

In much the same manner, the government of Aquinas is run. The President of the Student Council, Peggy Lyons, is the supreme word, directing various committes under her. Civic, Service, and Publicity are the main branches of the council, although many problems of the school do not fall into these specific categories, and yet are served by the council.

Thus, in the Student Council of Aquinas, the democratic way of government is developed, a training that will fully mature in the City Council of Chicago.

Chicago's Mayor Daley prepares for an average day of joys, problems and disappointments.

Embarking on a visit to the Mayor, President Peggy Lyons and Vice-President Jane Davoren anticipate their privilege.

Nora Dougherty, Barrie Flavin, Gerri Taber, Linda Lennon, Shirley Stewart and Sharon Stewart enjoy their toil of setting up chairs under the direction of the Service Bureau.

Deserving merit award pins for the third time, because of their service to Aquinas are: Rita Gleason, Joanne Pilat, Chris Slomka, Susie Sachtleben, Ellen Crossman and Janet Greene.

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