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On These Two Pages of Our Book
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On These Two Pages of Our Book ...
A dot of ink, a swish of paint.
A pretty flower or patron saint
A garden green or tree that towers
Our artist dabs away the hours.

Bernadette Brown signs her SCHOLASTIC ENTRY, a Rineglas MADONNA entitled "SIMPLICITY in BLUE."

Kathy Hammer Executes the "FORWARD LOOK" for the cover of the '59 TAQUIN.

With an Aquinite for her model, Frances Manos creates a painting in Water Color.

Looking at their Linoleum Block Prints, on exhibition at Wieboldt's are Louis Smith, Joan Jordan, Sue Drazba and Kathy Hammer.

We Create the Forward Look
Mosaic, Ceramic, Water or Oil.
Beauty is born through their toil.
For since September to school's last day
They've painted and brushed the year away.

Sue Drazba puts the finishing touches on her plaster sculpture "HANDS."

Diane Conlin holds her Scholastic entry, a Mosaic made of WOOD VENEER.

The art Students listen as Sister George Patrice explains a Rineglas piece, a part of the exhibit displayed in our library.

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