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The Fair was There
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The Fair was There
ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN Aquinites submitted projects for competition in the SCIENCE FAIR held that Sunday and Monday in the Aquinas gym.

Of this number ten won gold medals for the best projects; one, Mary Therese Anglim won a Westinghouse Scholarship on the project of TOPOLOGY, and six brought back an OUTSTANDING rating from the Illinois Science Fair held at Urbana, Illinois. They were: Mary Therese Anglim, Ruth Bedore, Mary C. Moore, Marcella Kirk, Ann Marie Rogers and Joan Donovan.

Scientific papers read to the Convention were thus rated: A First Place in Math by Elissa Matushek, a Second Place in Math, to Judy Ewing; a Third Place in Astronomy to Joan Benson and a Third Place in Chemistry to Donna Mioduski.

Explaining the effects of COSMIC RAYS, Joan Benson, being questioned by a Brother from Brother Rice High School.

Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Kuban emote on the accomplishment of their daughter Janice Lee.

Beaming with enthusiasm, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Anglim and Westinghouse winner, Mary Therese.

THE FAIR had the atmosphere of a Fair, as long lines of tables displayed the hours and hours of work to be able to parade some project so worthy.

From Microbe to Missile
The Aquinas gym was all a whirl ... excitement bubbling in every girl ... today was the day, the climax here .. to praise the labors of almost a year ...

The Math Department was in one aisle now ... every lass stood all aglow ... the Chemistry lane as neat as a pin ... all were wondering which project would win.

Aquinites faced judges so stern and so smart ... and gave them the answers they knew all by heart ... scientists, biologists and many more ... were questioned and questioned to the core ...

Now it is over, the work is all done ... but girls remember only the run ... the FAIR is through and prizes won ... Angies are happy - Everyone.

Answering the questions of the Judge, who quizzed her on red cells found in the blood, Stephanie Fox was well able to answer.

Alert to the Stereophonic sound machine of her own making, Marlene Krupa interested many at the Fair.

Ann Marie Rogers is explaining the intricacies of Penicillin to an interested group.

Poised among her difficult UNIQUE CIRCLES, Junior Barbara Modzikowski and the plans and problems involving them.

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