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Success Lies in Knowledge
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Chemists Kathy McCartin and Patricia Kleutgen prepare to see a new world of wonder in a chemical change before them.

The Search is On ... And
AND THE MODERN WORLD, ever surging forward, seeks in nature the answers of science. With the experimental method Chemistry goes so far only to start all over again with a new approach that may lead to a new discovery.

The world of the chemist is a challenging one, with new vistas unfolding. The results of experiment, interpreted mathematically, give the joy of accomplishment and the nucleus of more important discovery.

Wiring an electric unit and checking the volts and amperes, Physics students see the strength of electric force.

Sucess Lies in Knowledge

All set to perform a vapor bath, Nancy Chaple and Marie de Groh, show how the purifications of chemicals is done.

Pauline Hanrahan, Peggy Sullivan, Peggy Lyons and Mary Ann Murray check and double check the results of their two diffeent titrations.

Alone with her slide rule, Carolyn flys through her chemical calculations.

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