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Mathematicians are made
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Mathematicians Are Made

Here five Seniors display their knowledge of Bookkeeping. Sally Jo Godvin, Janice Koss and Pat Cronin present their financial statements to Toni Bogner for approval while Barbara Ferraro displays the correct procedure for editing in Special Journals.

Another proof to the old adage of "quality and not quantity," meaning the most in enhancing minds in the powers of the laws of logic in Mathematics is presented in this class of Seniors. They are: Pat McGowan, Dolores Leahy, Sally O'Connor, Mary T. Anglim.

Rita Gleason, Rita Duffy look on as Mary Ann Roscoe demonstrates the precision of slide rule measurements.

Alertness keynotes progress. Ellen Ryan denotes the progression of Powers to five other interested and alert classmates in Advanced Algebra.

But Other Einsteins Are Born
Mathematics stands out as an important factor in the mental development and training of a student. The experience gained in the study of solving problems forms habits of concentration, accuracy and aptness which are a valuable asset to the individual in school life and will remain with her long after theorems and equations are forgotten.

Peggy Lowry and Ann McClellan are eager to show the rest of the Algebra Class a few points in proving a theorem. Interested are: Maripat Wehman, Patricia O'Rourke, Carol Ann Biedakiewicz, Sharon Novak, Mary Kay Leydon and Kathy Lewandowski.

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